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No Deal is a disaster, end of.

A refereed scholarly Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture

With the world the way it is now, we should be uniting and be proud of being part of something bigger, not breaking away from it. The sheer irony of your post is breathtaking! What about the rest of the world?

Absolutely outstanding article, thankfully there are journalists who are bold and speak the truth! No deal is the only viable option of delivering Brexit and becoming a sovereign nation which is what Believe in direct democracy and decentralisation of power and decision-making. Do your research and it soon becomes abundantly clear the EU is an anti-democratic, untrustworthy, excessively bureaucratic and economically undynamic, a supranational superstate destined for collapse and ultimate failure.

Twisted Tails III - Pure Fear

The politicians are out for their own interests not their constituents. Does that apply to Boris and present cabinet? If so, that would be a mind bender…too much for me to buy. I think that Brexit without a deal is now illegal, and proroguing of parliament is possibly illegal too. But a law against no deal is political, actually everything that politicians do is political.

Perhaps Boris has not been sufficiently convoluted and indirect. Why is this so? Boris will end up getting a new deal because the EU is pretty desperate for our divorce payment and both the German and Italian economies have a very real possibility of collapsing. This is why Merkel is currently filling her trousers. At was done purely because remainers want to have a Brexit in name only where we will remain in the EU in everything but words.

Absolutely right.

Jack and the Beanstalk

No wonder they want The EeUu in charge. We are being failed comprehensively by most mainstream politicians, both here and in the now, apparently sainted EU, which can do no wrong. Secular canonisation of a greedy empire. Spot on riposte Sir, Do keep on writing — its the likes of the lack of the cut of your jib that has us in this mince.

It is disgraceful for a comfortably off journalist like Ella Whelan to argue for something that will devastate the incomes and well-being of vulnerable BAME people and communities across the UK. If there is any justice in the world, Spiked and its contributors will one day stand trial for incitement to economic racism among much else.

Black voters overwhelmingly supported staying in, not because of any love for the union but because they recognized that the driving force behind the desire to leave was racism. But if they are so oppwest and out a da loop … or maybe just thick?! What is truly disgraceful is the constant attempt by remoaners to label their idealogical opponents as racists for simply wanting, amongst many many other things, control of our boarders and our immigration policies that benefit the whole of British society irrespective of skin colour or ethnic background not just the coffee-shop elites in Sloane Sq.

By the way, the stats you present as fact, from the Op-Ed piece from you cite, are lacking in any substantive sources, i. If you think Brexit is disruptive, you aint seen nothing yet. Already the people on the lowest incomes are being hammered thanks to increased green and consumption taxes. Good grief. For starters you singling out BAME people out in your post is, in fact, prejudiced. The racist labeling has run out of track amongst the majority of the white population.

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It now only works on middle class morons who disappear up their own backside at the mere mention of race division. Taking a view about people from different races is no capital offense although ethnic minorities have tried to make it one. I speak as someone Irish who lived in GB for over 40 years.

Twisted Tails III

Why its the new Godwins law. You do realise that leveling so much twisted hate under the disguise of some sort of defence against we err, well, anyone but we crackers just turns people off. Crying wolf has a really bad ending. The HoL has a inextricable links with the monarchy. All-elected second chamber and civil list restricted to the monarch and the heir only — 2 people.

I actually agree with your points about restricting the civil list to the monarch and the heir only; this is long overdue and would probably be welcomed by most people. More thought required. This is the trouble with this divisive debate: insults, aspersions and slurs and yes, both sides do it , the Remainers taking poll position. The Sovereign grant replaced it. It is adjusted every 5 years by the Exchequer and takes into account that the Royal Households need upkeep and maintenance — they are not the personal property of Liz and her brood.

For her private residences she pays council tax and the upkeep comes from her personal estate. The Royal Family comes in for plenty of sometimes deserved criticism. The alternative being President Blair or Corbyn? Not for me thanks. All elected second chamber? Only if the numbers where cut massively. If the yanks with million people can be represented by Senators, then so can we.

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Lets say 92 to go with the number of counties? At least people would be able to easier identify their senator. And no party affiliation, they all have to be nominally independent, so no party membership in the last 10 years. And while we are at it, lets cull the MPs. Again, the yanks only have , so lets cut ours to and have each one representing as near as dammit , people each.

No one in the second chamber should have a PPE from Oxford. They have done enough damage already. For me the last chance saloon was a pact between Boris and Nigel.. At least we know that the power of a government and PM in the face of opposition from the elites in politics and law is non existent. This is very intemperate language, but also revealing: Brexit has been delayed, bent out of shape and effectively dismantled. Unnamed advisor completely sticking the boot into the Leave cause. And whose advisor would this person be?

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Hang tough, Nige. Though his measured response suggests he can smell this stool from 50 paces away. These Remainers… never a straight line of truth. Just endless machinations to pull-off a swindle. But this early in the game, with no election even near being called, let alone having a date, would you burn that bridge?

So, what preparations are going to be put in place before October 31st if Boris gets his way? The time for that is long gone.