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Elementary education
  1. Unity for Educators and Academic Institutions
  2. Education system in Russia
  3. Brief History of Physical Education, Physical Education History
  4. What is education in Russia like? A U.S. teacher investigates
  5. Russian education system

State social organizations, such as the Council for Teacher Training Education, the Association of Pedagogical Universities and Institutes, and local councils of directors of secondary pedagogical institutions, play an important part in the unfolding of an effective teachers' network. Participation in advanced training is counted in the process of attestation.

In the Ministry of Education developed unified principles for the attestation of primary and secondary school teachers. It established twelve qualification groups and four categories that would reflect the teacher's professional level.

Unity for Educators and Academic Institutions

The teacher's qualification is assessed every five years by special commissions and involves two stages: a qualification test in the form of an examination, interview, report, or defense of a project; and an analysis of the teacher's lessons; testing the students' knowledge; colleague, parent, and student evaluation of the teacher's work. The first category is the highest and requires significant teaching experience, excellent knowledge of the subject, use of innovative methods and materials, leadership, creativity, and active participation in extracurricular events.

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  • Higher education.
  • Mathematical Control Theory: Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems.

The salary depends on the assigned category. There is no special training for university professors. They are usually recruited from capable graduates with good research potential. Their total annual workload, including all kinds of activities teaching, research, methodological and extracurricular work is 1, hours. The decision about the number of classroom hours from to is made individually for each faculty member. University professors also have to upgrade their qualification once every five years. They can take a sabbatical from one to twelve months long in order to study the experience of their colleagues at other universities, consult with senior scholars, or do research of their own.

Aspirantura and doktorantura are also considered to be forms of advanced training.

Education system in Russia

After five years of work in a particular faculty position, university teachers have to go through a competition process. In reality, it is not so much a competition, but rather a report on the previous five years of work with recommendations for the future made by immediate supervisors and colleagues. The staff of the Academy is engaged in fundamental research, which deals with the history and theory of education and upbringing, the development of methodological aspects and basic principles of schooling, and other issues. Limited resources in the educational sphere, nonpayment of salaries, and distrust of the official promises to improve the state of schools have significantly injured the reputation of the teaching profession.

Brief History of Physical Education, Physical Education History

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Vestnik pedagogicheskih innovacij, 3 , [Didactic potential of different types of practices in the formation of competencies of future specialist. Journal of pedagogical innovations, 3, ].

Foreigners about education in Russia - Is it hard to study in a Russian university?

Valeeva R. Initial teacher education in Russia: connecting practice, theory and research.


What is education in Russia like? A U.S. teacher investigates

European Journal of Teacher Education, 40 3 , A tale of two countries - forty years on: politics and teacher education in Russia and England. European Journal of Teacher Education, 40 5 , Curriculum Innovation Network 4.

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Inclusive Education Network 5. Open Learning: Media, Environments and Cultures.

Russian education system

Network 7. Social Justice and Intercultural Education Network 8.

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