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Download Interactive Multimedia Documents: Modeling, Authoring, And Implementation Experiences

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Why occurs darkly a online A to have a trophoblastic, experimental, or mathematically omphalomesenteric precursor from Making who they anchor to? What we need, rather desperately now, is a merging of the Living Planet perspective, with all of its nuance, complexity and HEART which is what Charles is bringing in spades! What we decidedly do not need is to throw out either the baby or the bath water. We deserve such a scientific world view — a world view of radical wholeness — and heart.

Download Interactive Multimedia Documents: Modeling, Authoring, And Implementation Experiences

Which may very well be one and the same darn thing. We need all of the varying systems, not just one or another. Thank you yet again. You have given a coherent form to my incoherent to me reactions to the climate and environmental debate. Your words make me feel renewed in my purpose.

So looking forward to your new book. Thank you for all you are doing. Our home.

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I hear your cry, and I cry with you, for how we are systematically destroying our world and our killing off our fellow travelers. I am with you. Many thanks Charles. As always, you get to a level below -or above- the right-wrong, good-bad false and simplistic dichotomies. I look forward so much to the full book. After reading the article I recalled a piece from Dr. It has always been assumed that the most important thing in the Gospels are the ethical teaching and commandments.

But for me the most important thing is the fact that Christ speaks in parables taken from daily life, that he explains the truth in terms of everyday reality. The idea which underlies this is that communion between mortals is immortal and that the whole of life is symbolic because the whole of it has meaning. Fear will not do it for us…. Thank you very much for your work , passion and education. Not to worry! I am a lover of the Earth, a co-creative, and a Simplifier.

I will take the time to create a visual graphic which outlines your List so that it can be taken in, and therefore directional. Many have these energetic tools and are actively using them, tapping in, regardless of the storm of change that surrounds us. In other words, I see the fatigue, and most people need the As Bs and Cs of how to help. Thank you for the bullet list! We both are here to illuminate and liberate.

I hope to meet you in person at the SAND event next month. I lost my daughter two years ago, so I completely understand at a profound depth. Worldview deeply changed… Thank you, Charles! My own bare feet—my soles, if you will—know that climate change and global warming are happening. On a spiritual level, I feel the unrest of the psychic dimension of the planet, I believe. We do need to move beyond carbon figures and see the living planet systemically. And his point about the tacit agreement of both sides to focus on climate is an interesting and incisive one.

As Katherine Hayhoe, the celebrated climate communicator, said recently in a talk—the same science that created airplanes and the cell phone has also understood climate change. Mainstream and establishment science has gotten things wrong in the past the safety of ethyl lead, nuclear fallout, for instance and is embedded in a limited worldview that denies spirituality and non-rational ways of knowing—I agree and understand.

That it is wrong?

enter site By taking the same sort of anti-institutional skepticism that climate deniers take, Charles is walking a thin line—and the same line that doomed the counterculture in times past when it went too anti-science and too magical thinking and lost its credibility. A better tack might be to dig into how to use science given its limitations, rather than doubting it too much away.

And how to reform science in the new worldview and new story—what will be the new story of science and how will that help us to understand climate? The threads of that are in this essay—living systems perspectives and non-reductionism, and understanding better the relations between power and knowledge. I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change. I thought that with 30 years of good science we could address those problems. But I was wrong. The egocentricity experiment with human Design has run its course — its climax is our confluence of crises.

The forecast for our imminent extinction17 is well founded and arguably certain unless we become something new Metamorphosis is appropriate terminology here. Political proposals are hopelessly impotent. It is now imperative that we develop metamorphic catalysts immediately — means and methods to efficiently transmute egocentricity and profoundly evoke our innate senses of interdependence and compassion.

I am not sure exactly what you mean by the Holocene Optimum. Others think that the orbital dynamics are such that we would be still thousands of years away from the onset of glaciation even without significant human influence. I am convinced human influence on climate and environment has been significant from the earliest farming communities and civilizations. The Medieval Warm Period follows directly in time the development of the Mayan civilization and the rise of large civilizations in the Amazon. The Little Ice Age comes on the collapse of those civilizations as their populations were decimated by disease.

The modern warming period, which some skeptics like to consider to be a rebound from the Little Ice Age, comes with rebound of populations, farming, and the start of the Industrial Era before the massive influence of 20th century technology. I am not saying that human influence drove everything about climate change.

Certainly solar and volcanic influences played roles. But there is an obvious feedback mechanism which probably has played a role: warm climate leads to productive agriculture leads to population growth which leads more agriculture which leads to more carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere which leads to warmer climate, etc On the opposite side, before the modern era, bad weather from volcanic eruption, crop disease, or human disease would cause populations to shrink, agriculture to shrink, and crop land to be reclaimed by forest and prairie.

I look forward to your book! Thanks for the preview. I hope your work makes it out of the echo chamber containing those of us who already know you are right! The questions posed at the end of this essay have been a central part of Kabbalistic study for thousands of years. My understanding is of the desperate need to find the humility, the stillness within, that facilitates conscious connection, conscious participation with Life, the core of Being, wherein all wisdom, all guidance is to be realised.

NOW is the time to return to our roots, but free of all isms, thinking, rules, regulations will never ever enable us to find resolution. Much appreciation for what should be dog-bollock obvious. But it is not to many due to the conditioning we have all been hammered with and which is being exported to the rest of the world. What follows is the need to inspire and nurture people in order for us all to be able to experience and therefore choose another way of life.

Pushing for change is far harder than seducing for change. Seducing with community action and play, educating our children in natural outside places, experiencing each other as not consumers by first priority but as fellow travellers to love by the opening of our hearts, our imagination and our beautiful empowerment.

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The action to create a healthy way is to demonstrate the difference we feel when caring and sharing and having fun together. By respecting our true nature we may have a chance to respect the need to nurture our home. I think if we complain to our past nothing new will come, but with this beautiful article, I can say we have to go ahead in future and save natural resources for our future generation.

I am happy to stumble across your inspiring essay, Charles.